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The Difference Between Domestic Violence And A Fight With A Spouse in California

Under California’s Penal Code 13700, it is illegal to commit abuse against an intimate partner. The law defines abuse as the act of intentionally and recklessly using or threatening to use physical force. While this is a far cry from an argument, it is...

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How Domestic Violence Classes Work in San Diego

Domestic violence accusations result in various consequences, particularly for parties found guilty of the offense. Consequently, the presiding judge may issue several probation orders that include domestic violence classes. The court aims to help you...

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Defenses for Domestic Violence Case in San Diego

Domestic violence is a significant problem in the United States. That is why states like California have stringent laws against the offense. Anyone found guilty of domestic violence is likely to receive a hefty fine and a lengthy prison term, depending...

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Hire an Answering Service for Your Domestic Violence Law Practice

Domestic violence is very complicated, and if you are dealing with this type of law, you could receive numerous urgent calls. Most clients who contact a domestic violence law firm are filled with emotion, and they often need an immediate response. When...

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